We had holidays from 23th of April . On 24 we had a music group popular all over the world “Will and the people”. They came from England and stayed 4 days in Tulip Garden. On 24th in the evening we arranged a function. The music group  did some music and we did some dances.

And they took us to Haayland that is a swimming pool and exhibition,we had a lot of fun. We thanked them and we do hope they come again. 28th of April Jessica sister and Patrick brother came again to Tulip Garden for 1 month.

We enjoyed it so much with them,we played with them so many games like dutch ball,lightgame,wolve game,flag game,sponge game,etc.

We enjoyed very much after two weeks mummy came back to Tulip Garden with Joseph,we saw real tulips mummy brought from Holland it is wonderful tulips that day we had special tiffin krentenbollen we all like

One day they gave us potato fried (patat) and mango,s ,chips,lollypops biscuits

We had left two weeks on 23th of May Jessica and Patrick brother gave big surprise ,swimming and lunch in Gateway hotel.

They took all of us also staff and we swim on the roof of the hotel in a nice clean simmingpool not at all like Haayland this is a real swimmingpool.

After swimming we had lunch also on the roof in a beautiful room with music and we could dance,we will never forget this day so nice.

We took a big family picture.

We came back in the evening we thanked them after one day we had 1 more outing to Bhavani island in the Krishna river first we went with our schoolbus to Vijayawada and than alltogether in the boat .

We played there and we had lunch there after lunch we played again till four o,clock we came back by boat to the bus.

We enjoyed a lot it was a very nice day.

Even we played every Sunday night bingo game,the last day we spend with Patrick brother and Jessica sister we had small send off party on 27th they left back to Holland we miss them we all were sad.

Still we have nice holidays with our mummy.

We had nice fooditems like dosa ,icecream ,mango,s ,chips from the Goede Herderkerk and one day mummy made spagetti that was fun to eat.

One day it was so hot we had all together a water game every body was wet at the end also all staffmembers.


School will reopen on June 12 .

Best wishes from all children and Tulip Garden staff,

written by ,Nikitha,Naga Jyothi,Sai,Yesu Babu.