Hi, we are children from TULIPGARDEN, we are having holidays from 23-04-15 to 7-06-15.we enjoyed our holidays with lots of fun. In holidays we went to movie with Patrick brother and Pascal brother. We also went to Exhibition with them. We also played water game, wolf game treasure game and BINGO game. we really had lot of fun and we enjoyed a lot here with them. We also went for Haailand with Patrick,Pascal,Marijke and Wonna. We did nice swimming in Haailand and we had nice lunch there. We had a lot of fun with Marijke and Wonna. They gave night dresses, pillows, things for the school which we need. We not only enjoying but also some times helping in the kitchen, helping with cleaning around Tulip Garden, sometimes helping with cleaning hall. Sometimes helping with laundry. Sometimes we are also doing library and studies. We all promoting to the next class. We are very curious that how it will be. We also learned dance. We also went to the GATEWAY hotel. We want to thank Els mummy for giving money. We had nice swimming there. We had wonderful lunch there. Some of them went to visit their families. It’s time for school. But still we are enjoying our holidays with Ron daddy Elles mummy,Anitha mummy ,Michelle sister, Patricia sister and Theresa mummy. We again played a BINGO game with them. Sometimes we are playing video games. Yesterday we celebrated three birthdays that is Ron daddy, Patricia sister and Vineeth. We had nice lunch that is chicken!!!!!We also ate cake. We did many dances.Thankyou for each and every sponsor who sent money for Tulip Garden.Once again a BIG THANKS from all of us.

From Chandana.